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Our range of products for the monitoring of aerosols and gases are available as fixed and portable, and all state of the art and supported by our specialist service team. We also have a selection of moving platform monitoring systems for use on aircraft, UAV's and land based vehicles.

Our range of particle and aerosol samplers and monitors are one of the most comprehensive available covering particles from 5 nm to 100 microns. Biological samplers for the viable collection of aspergillus, legionella, MRSA and other materials in wet media are also supplied.

We also specialise in gas diluters, blenders and dividers and particle generation systems .

Below you will find a range of  products which are designed specifically for the atmospheric scientist community. You can find all of our other products on the top menu of our site.

Naneos Partector

Naneos Partector - personal LDSA Monitor

Palas Fidas 100

Fidas 100 - Non Certified Multi Size PM Mass Monitor with Particle counting and size distribution

Palas Fidas 200

Fidas 200 and 200E fully certified to TUV, MCERTS and DEFRA UK PM Climate for PM10 and PM2.5 (also measures PM1, PM4 and Pn)

Palas Fidas Frog

Fidas Frog - The indoor and portable version of the FIDAS. Same optics and performance - but portable. (includes tablet PC)

Pegasor IAQ

Pegasor IAQ - The Ultimate Indoor Air Quality Monitor for PM, CO2, Temp & Humidity

Pegasor Urban

Pegasor Urban - Continuous Ultrafine PM Monitor

Thermo - I Series 111i ZAG

Thermo 111 ZAG- Zero Air Generator for Ambient Applications

Thermo - I Series 15i HCl

Thermo - I Series 15i HCl - Hydrogen Chloride Monitor

Thermo - I Series 17i NOx/NH3

Thermo - I Series 17i NOx/NH3 - Combined NOx and Ammonia Monitor

Thermo - I Series 410i CO2

Thermo - I Series 410i CO2 - Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Thermo - I series 42i NOX

Thermo - I series 42i NOX - Our flagship NOx Monitor - "best in class worldwide"

Thermo - I Series 42i TL NOX

Thermo - I Series 42i TL NOX - Trace Level NOx (ppt level)

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