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Our range of products for the monitoring of aerosols and gases are available as fixed and portable, and all state of the art and supported by our specialist service team. We also have a selection of moving platform monitoring systems for use on aircraft, UAV's and land based vehicles.

Our range of particle and aerosol samplers and monitors are one of the most comprehensive available covering particles from 5 nm to 100 microns. Biological samplers for the viable collection of aspergillus, legionella, MRSA and other materials in wet media are also supplied.

We also specialise in gas diluters, blenders and dividers and particle generation systems .

Below you will find a range of  products which are designed specifically for the atmospheric scientist community. You can find all of our other products on the top menu of our site.

Air Monitors Software for Windows

Manage your data on our WindowsTM suite, on or offline.


Manage, validate, analyse and report all of your air quality data on this powerful cloud application. Compatible with  AQMesh pods, AQWeb Data loggers and almost any other environmental monitoring system.

AMA GC5000

Online GC systems for continuous monitoring of organic compounds in air and gaseous samples

AQMesh Combo

AQMesh Combo - Gas and Particle Monitoring

AQMesh Gas

AQMesh Gas - Accurate monitoring of NO, NO2, O3,CO and SO2 where you need it.


AQMesh Particle pods monitor PM10, PM2.5,PM1 and Pn in almost any location

Bertin Coriolis Micro

Bertin Coriolis Micro - Wet Collection Bio Air Sampler

Bertin Coriolis Recon

Bertin Coriolis Recon - Robust Wet Collection Bio Air Sampler

Brechtel Access

Brechtel ACCESS - UAV Aerosol Research Tool

Brechtel Aerosol Charge Neutralizer

Brechtel Aerosol Charge Neutralizer

Brechtel AGS

Brechtel AGS - Aerosol Generation System

Brechtel CVI

Brechtel CVI Cloud Virtual Impactor

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