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Ecotech Aurora Nephelometer

Ecotech Aurora Nephelometer - 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 Polar 

Visibility can be impaired by anything present in the air that reduces the amount of light reaching the observer, through scattering or absorption. Common visibility deterioration is due to high particulate concentration or high humidity. Particles can be of natural or anthropogenic origin, for example, from car emissions, wood burning, sandstorms, volcanic eruptions or smog. Aurora integrating nephelometers are an ideal solution to help us in understanding, identifying and planning ways to control pollution and the imbalance in or degradation of the environment. (Specification shown for model 4000-see brochures for other models)

Measured parameters: Light scattering coefficient (σsp) at (450, 525 and 635nm) over 2 to 18 angular sectors 

Ranges: 0.0 to >20000 Mm-1 

Lower detectable limit: <0.3 Mm-1 over all sectors (60 second averaged data) (0.1 Mm-1 optional) 

Secondary measurements: Sample air temperature, enclosure temperature, sample relative humidity and sample pressure 

Intensity function 9-170 °C 

Angular resolution 1 deg increments within 0.3 deg accuracy 

Flow rate: ≈5 l/min 

Operating temperature: -20 to 45 °C 

Operating RH: 10 to 95 % 

Calibration: Span gas available for CO2, SF6, FM-200, R-12, R-22, R-134 or a user defined gas 

Optics: Reference light source measurement 

Light source: Stable LED light source (U.S. patent 7, 671, 988) Wavelength: 525nm (green), 450nm (blue) and 635nm (red) 

Operating voltage: 12 VDC (incl 110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz power converter) 13 watts nominal, 45 watts with heater active 

Dimensions: 170mm x 700mm x 215mm (L x W x H) 

Weight: 11.2kg Communications/Data logging Outputs: 4 analogue outputs (2 voltage & 2 current) and 2 x RS 232 serial ports 

Filtering: Kalman (digital adaptive filter), or no filter 

Stored parameters: Date & Time, σsp(635, 525 and 450nm ), air temp, enclosure temp, RH, pressure, status for up to 18 angles or raw measurement counts or ratios 

Capacity: 2000 lines of data (based on capture of all 18 angular segments)

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