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Brechtel SEMS

Brechtel SEMS - Scanning Electro Mobility Spectrometer

The SEMS is a scanning mobility spectrometer that allows rapid aerosol number size distribution measurements. Scan times of just a few seconds are possible. It also serves as a monodisperse particle generator to calibrate other particle instruments. The SEMS is an easy-to-use and field-ready tool. With an intuitive software interface, the SEMS is easy to configure with quick data post-processing capabilities. Plotting and analysis tools allow you to plot and analyze your data during acquisition. With the broadest size range commercially available, the SEMS can satisfy more scientific needs and adapt to changing research priorities.

I want to measure Nano Particles,Particle Number [Pn],Aerosols
Products Particle Monitors
Applications Aerosol Research,Outdoor Air Quality

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