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Brechtel Isokinetic Inlet System

Brechtel Isokinetic Inlet System

Sampling particles from moving platforms can be tough – especially larger coarse-mode aerosol that are easily lost inside inlets due to turbulent deposition. The Isokinetic Inlet System has been designed using our wind tunnel facility to minimize particle losses in aircraft sampling applications where automated operation and field-tested performance are required. Brechtel has over 14 years of aircraft sampling and isokinetic inlet development expertise to help with your application.

Particle aerodynamic diameter size range  0.005-10 µm
Sample flow at diffuser tip (@100 m/s)  300 lpm
Sample flow to cabin  150 lpm
Maximum sample flow to instruments  100 lpm 
Built-in micro-controller controls flow rates at  1 Hz
Anti-icing power (supplied by platform)  420 watts @ 28 VDC
Other power (external laptop)  50 watts @ 115 VAC
Rack-mountable electronics chassis size  19"wide x 6.5"high x 12"deep
Electronics chassis weight  20 lb
Total system weight  70 lb
Operating temperature range  -40 to 45°C
Operating pressure range (absolute)  200-1,000 mb
I want to measure Nano Particles,Dust [PM],Aerosols
Products Sampling & Conditioning Systems
Applications Aerosol Research,Outdoor Air Quality

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