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Brechtel HTDMA

Brechtel HTDMA - Humidified Tandem Differential Mobility Analyser

Most particles in the atmosphere take up water when exposed to increasing relative humidity – this often explains the poor visibility during the early morning hours when the relative humidity is high and particles have swollen in size and more effectively scatter solar radiation. When we inhale particles they also grow into water droplets, how large they grow determines where they deposit in our respiratory systems. Brechtel developed the first commercial version of the Humidified Tandem Differential Mobility Analyzer (HTDMA) so researchers who wanted to explore the complexities of particle water uptake no longer had to build their own instruments, instead they could rely on our 20 plus years of experience with HTDMAs to invest in a solution that would let them focus on their science and not the tool.  If your work requires real-time particle size and relative humidity dependent water uptake and number size distribution measurements, the HTDMA may be the solution for you.

DMA polydisperse flow rate  0.2-2.0 lpm
DMA sheath flow rate  2.5-10.0 lpm
Relative humidity range  2-93 % RH
RH control stability at 80% RH (1σ)  0.5% RH
Time to reset RH set point by 10% <180 seconds
Time to reach 93% RH from 2%  <300 seconds 
Time to reach 80% RH from 2% <300 seconds
DMA sizing range  0.01-2.0 µm ¹
CPC size range  0.005-2.0 µm 
CPC counting range  0.001-105 cm-3 
Operating pressure range  200-1000 mb ²
Operating temperature range  15-35°C
SEMS footprint size  48x33 cm
HSEMS footprint size  38x58 cm
Height  64 cm
Total weight  68 kg
HTDMA instrument power 240 watts
Pump power required (@230vac)  650 watts
Operating voltage  100-230 VAC
¹ With HT-DMA2 option  
² Only with SEMS-Exp options  
I want to measure Nano Particles,Particle Number [Pn],Aerosols
Products Particle Monitors
Applications Aerosol Research,Outdoor Air Quality

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