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Manage, validate, analyse and report all of your air quality data on this powerful cloud application. Compatible with  AQMesh pods, AQWeb Data loggers and almost any other environmental monitoring system.

Air Monitors.net is a browser based application which collects and displays data from the Air Monitors range of data logger devices and all AQMesh pods. Air Monitors.net displays data from a single monitoring location or an entire network. Powerful graphical visualisation, file downloads and includes powerful data analysis tools such as Open Air are provided to assist you with data management of your air quality assets. Also see Air Monitors for Windows TM. 



  • Compatible with any common browser and operating system, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari.
  • individual client data secured by username and password 
  • Graphical plotting of data - multi channel, multi site
  • Open Air tools included
  • Linear regression tools for AQMesh co-location studies
  • Automatic offset and scaling management
  • Validation tools and configurable alarms
  • File generation in CSV, JSON and XML formats
  • API (Application Program Interface) provided for integration into other data systems
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