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AQMesh Combo

AQMesh Combo - Gas and Particle Monitoring

For applications where you need both gas and particle monitoring, AQMesh Combo Pods are the perfect solution. Retaining their unique battery or solar operation and monitoring up to five pollutant gases plus multiple particle channels (PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and Pn) you might ask how we managed to fit so much into such a small space?  Just like Dr Who's "Tardis" its quite a feat of engineering and whilst we are not promising time travel, AQMesh does deliver tomorrows technology today, at cost that will not "exterminate" your budget.  For those who want it all and nothing less will do.

Click HERE to visit our live AQMesh demo page.

Parameter Range  Unit  Limit of detection
Nitric oxide (NO) 0-4,000 ppb  ppb or  µg/m^3  <5ppb
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)  0-4,000ppb  ppb or µg/m^3  <10ppb
Ozone  0-1,800ppb ppb or µg/m^3  <5ppb
Pod temperature -20 to 100°C  °C  0.1°C
Atmospheric pressure 500-1,500mb mb  1mb
Relative humidity 0-100%RH %RH 1%RH
Particle count 1-30 µm Particles/cm^3 1µm
PM2.5 0-500 µg/m^3 µg/m^3  TBC
PM10 0-1,000 µg/m^3 µg/m^3  TBC
Carbon monoxide (CO) 0-6,000ppb ppb or µg/m^3 <5ppb
 Sulphur dioxide (SO2) 0-10,000ppb  ppb or µg/m^3  <10ppb
I want to measure Carbon Dioxide [CO2],Carbon Monoxide [CO],Nitric Oxide [NO],Nitrogen Dioxide [NO2],Nitrogen Oxides [NOX],Ozone [O3],Particle Number [Pn],Particulate Matter [PM1],Particulate Matter [PM10],Particulate Matter [PM2.5],Particulate Matter Total [TSP],Sulphur Dioxide [SO2]
Products Air Quality Monitoring Systems,Gas Monitors,Multi Parameter Monitors,Particle Monitors,Portable Monitors,Indoor Air Quality
Applications Construction Dust,Data Management,Indoor Air Quality,Noise,Outdoor Air Quality,Personal Exposure,Tunnels & Car Parks

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