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The 9th in the series of Air Quality & Emissions Events will focus on industrial emissions and stack monitoring of (Part A) processes regulated by the Environment Agency, ambient air quality monitoring,the emissions to air of Part A2 and Part B processes controlled by local authorities, MCERTS standards, aspects of air quality protection and treatment.

Topics covered in the 2017 event will include:

Ambient Monitoring, CEMS, Dioxin Monitoring, Mcerts, Regulation, Medium Combustion Plant Directive, Calibration, Air Treatment, Discontinuous Monitoring, Gas Analysis, Odour Monitoring & Treatment, Data Acquisition, Workplace Monitoring, Fence Line Monitoring, Manual Stack Monitoring, Abatement Technologies, Fugitive Emissions, and Operator Monitoring Assessment. 

We are sponsoring the Golden Air Quality Site Award at the show this year. To nominate someone for the award, please complete our survey.

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