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Palas Fidas Frog
Palas Fidas Frog
Palas Fidas Frog
Palas Fidas Frog


Palas Fidas Frog

Fidas Frog - The indoor and portable version of the FIDAS. Same optics and performance - but portable. (includes tablet PC)

FIDAS FROG represents a major leap forward for dust monitors with a host of unique features. Evolving from the same technology that saw the FIDAS become Europe's leading PM monitoring technology the FROG is battery operated, driven from a Windows TM tablet PC and advanced software providing a host of features which place it in a class of its own. Ideal for indoor air studies, industrial hygiene, in vehicle studies etc. 

Interfaces USB, Ethernet by USB-adapter, WiFi access point
Measurement range (size) 0.18 – 40 µm (2 measuring ranges)
Size channels 32/decade, 256 raw data channels
Measuring principle Optical light scattering of single particles
Measurement range (number CN) 0 – 20,000,000 particles/l
Time resolution 1 s – 24 h
Volume flow 1.4 l/min
Data acquisition Digital, 20 MHz processor, 256 raw data channels
Light source LED
Power consumption 13 W
User interface Touchscreen, 1280 • 800 pixel, 8''
Power supply 115 – 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Housing Synthetic housing
Dimensions 100 • 240 • 150 mm (H • W • D)
Weight Approx. 2.1 kg (0.4 kg operating panel, 1.7 kg measuring unit)
Operating system Windows 10
Data logger storage Approx. 16 GB, extendable by micro-SD
Battery operation 8 h
Measurement range (mass) 0 – 100 mg/m3 (depending on the composition of the aerosol)
Reported data PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, TSP, CN, particle size distribution
Installation conditions 0 – 40 °C
I want to measure Particle Number [Pn],Particulate Matter [PM1],Particulate Matter [PM10],Particulate Matter [PM2.5],Particulate Matter Total [TSP]
Products Multi Parameter Monitors,Particle Monitors,Personal Monitors,Portable Monitors
Applications Aerosol Research,Air Quality Networks,Construction Dust,Indoor Air Quality,Occupational Exposure,Outdoor Air Quality,Personal Exposure

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